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Shri Chitragupt Sr.Sec. School

Gairatput Bas, Road, Teekli, Vill, Gurugram, Haryana

Legal Matters and Partnerships

Yo, let’s talk about generator interlock kits and the law;
Are they legal in Massachusetts or are they flawed?
Family court in Brooklyn, they got working hours, check ’em out;
Partnership card benefits, what’s that about?

FL legal aid, free assistance for the folks;
Understanding the legal structure of partnership, no legal jokes.
What happens when there’s a breach of contract, what’s your fix?
The biggest law firms in DC, they know all the tricks.

What’s the law of agency in real estate, let’s unravel the mystery;
International law occupation, a global legal journey.
Freedom Mortgage and Roundpoint, a merger in the air;
Legal matters and partnerships, it’s all here to share!