Shri Chitragupt Sr.Sec. School Teekli

Shri Chitragupt Sr.Sec. School

Gairatput Bas, Road, Teekli, Vill, Gurugram, Haryana

Schoool Library

Schoool Library

Shri Chitragupt Senior Secondary School library is the heart of our school, has learning at its core and empowers the young learners. -The resources in our library allow the child’s imagination to run free, introduces them to new experiences and promotes access to knowledge and enjoyment. Our school library also helps teachers to use a broader range of strategies, project work, individual study, group research, reading and teaching of ICT, amongst other thing, all take place within the school library and in providing this flexible place for learning, teachers themselves are encouraged to widen and enrich their own teaching strategies.

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